Can homeopathy improve performance attained through training?


Barrois, D. (1988) Entraînement du sportif en homéopathie Homéopathie française, Vol.76 No.6, pp.351-318.



A single blinded placebo controlled trial – 21 participants.

Duration: Training sessions on 7 consecutive days.


Homeopathic remedies trialed:


Arnica 7CH (7X) : 3 granules were given to participants before and after training. Arnica was used because of its relaxing effect on the muscles and its toning impact on the inner lining of the capillaries.


China 9CH (9X) : 3 granules every second day (mornings). China exerts its action on the organism, where complaints are due to the loss of body-liquids (here: sweat).


Nat.mur. 7CH (7X) : 3 granules every second day in alternation with China (above). Nat.mur. is an essential constituent of the organism & plays a prime role in the liquid equilibrium of the organism (here: selected to balance out climatic impacts due to the location at which the trial was conducted).


The aim of this study was to investigate if homeopathy could aid in the improvement of performance through training!


The results showed that a simple, non-individualized homeopathic treatment in sportive training, can lead to a significant modification of athletes physiologic characteristics. Participants in the homeopathic group, compared to the placebo group, reported less tiredness, less muscular strain & improved recuperation with consequential greater impact from the trialed training sessions.


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