Treating strain and sprain injuries





An injury to the ligament, the fibrous connective tissue attaching bones to bones, is known as a sprain. These ligaments serve as stabilizers for the joints, and facilitate or restrict the movement of the joint. A sprain may be a tearing or over-stretching of a ligament.



A strain is an injury of a muscle or of a tendon, the connective fibrous tissue connecting the muscle with the bone. The overall movement of limbs, by the exertion of force by the muscles on the bones, relies on this connection. In a strain injury, the tendon or the muscle is overstretched or torn.

knee - ligaments / tendons



Classed in 3 degrees of severity, a sprain and a strain injury may produce symptoms such as pain, swelling, joint stiffness and loss of joint stability. While the 1st degree and 2nd degree injury are mild to moderate in severity, the 3rd degree signifies a complete rupture of the ligament, tendon or muscle. Right after such a 3rd degree injury, pain at the site of the injury may disappear. This is then associated with a severing of the nerve endings by the injury.


Conventionally, the first aid treatment, is RICE, rest the limb (ie. Do not exert force, or place weight on the affected area), put ice on the site (aids at reducing the swelling), make a compression (ie. Bandage the injury, for stability), and elevate the limb (this helps reduce the swelling).


Following the acute measures, homeopathic treatment can then be used to aid healing of the injury, and promote recovery.


In the first 24hrs, following an injury, the following homeopathic remedies may be called for: Arnica, Bellis perennis, Bryonia, Ledum, Phytolacca, Ruta grav., Rhus tox., Stellaria, & Sulphuricum acidum.


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One thought on “Treating strain and sprain injuries

  1. I took a fall that tore my muscles from but to calf. I used Arnica Montana 30 about 5 a day for a week and AM Gell on my leg muscles as well as the ice and keeping raised and rested. Worked wonders and I healed much quicker then expected.


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