Doping: When is homeopathy illegal?

pic by pixabay

pic by pixabay



In the wake of yet another doping scandal, the importance of care in the treatment of professional athletes, becomes once more highlighted. There are not only conventional medical drugs and treatments that have doping potential, but also home- and traditional- remedies may become the source of doping, where they are derived from substances that are prohibited. Therefore, even an alternative therapy can run the risk of breaching doping restrictions.



Homeopathy, using ultra highly diluted and succussed remedies in the treatment of sports persons, may fall short of being normally considered at a threat of breaching doping legislation. Yet, the WADA, the world anti-doping agency, warns that albeit homeopathic remedies contain only minute concentrations of any active substance, they may pose a danger in this concern. Their criticism proposes that potential threat to doping may lie in the chemical composition of the contained extract and carrier substance of the remedy. WADA stresses that the lack of global consensual manufacturing practices may facilitate qualitative discrepancies, and as such may be the origin of potential contamination of a homeopathic remedy.



It is therefore, in the treatment of sports professionals, important to be attentive to quality and source of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy has multiple benefits for the active athlete, whether professional or amateur. It´s holistic, gentle approach to treatment, the absence of adverse effects, and its applicability alongside of other treatments makes homeopathy a valuable adjunctive therapy. Homeopathy can strengthen an athlete’s resilience, can remove frailty of constitution, can balance the mind, and can unleash an athlete’s hidden capacity. It can aid in the recovery from injury and can reduce the prevalence of future injury. Peak performance and maximum output are then the unison of the athlete’s unique abilities on all levels of his constitution.



WADA (2016) ATHLETES AND MEDICATIONS, Available at: (Accessed: April 2016).

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