My name is Uta Mittelstadt, UtaI am a Homeopath! I have a BSc and MSc in homeopathic medicine from the University of Central Lancashire, U.K.. My specialization are sports-injuries!


For both of my theses, for the BSc and MSc, I explored, investigated and researched the potential of homeopathic remedies for the treatment of sports-injuries. I came to the conclusion that homeopathy is a fantastic tool for the maintenance of health, the treatment of, and the recuperation from injury for the physically active individual!


Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is agreeable with the patient in his weakened, ill state, and it treats the patient taking into consideration his or her holistic nature.


Homeopathy is effective for bringing about healing where the physique has been weakened and injured, it can assistance in strengthening emotional resilience, and can aid in building peak performance.


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